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No matter you plan for a leisure, family re-union, or business trip to People's Republic of China, it is important to apply for a suitable visa to enter the country. But there are certain significant exceptions when it comes to applying for a Chinese visa. For instance, you're eligible for a short 15 day stay without visa, if you're a citizen of countries like Brunei, Japan or Singapore. But this is not applicable in such cases when you possess a Japanese diplomatic passport or your purpose of visit is tourism or business related and the duration of stay exceeds 15 days. Moreover, a visa is not needed for those who hold a valid UAE diplomatic or Service Visa. The same applies to the holders of an appropriate visa in accordance to the Mutual Visa Exemption Agreement between China and Foreign Countries. 

Need professional and reliable help with the complicated Chinese visa rules and requirements? Riyal Holiday specializes in different types of visas: Single Entry, Double Entry, and Multiple Entry visas. With a distinguished expertise of over ten years, we deliver the most comprehensive and cost effective solutions in varied Chinese visa groups, which are mainly categorized according to the major purpose of your visit to China, from tourism and visiting relatives to commerce and trade activities. After all, our team of professional visa consultants keep themselves abreast of the latest Chinese immigration laws and regulations, thereby assuring you of the most up to date and competitive visa assistance. Furthermore, we offer a very efficient and detailed service that is specifically personalized as per your circumstance. 

So don't delay to speak to one of our experts who will tailor a visa package that perfectly matches your situation! From the moment you inquire with us to the time you receive your approved visa, we'll keep you updated at every single step of your visa processing. 

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Royal Holiday representatives work round the clock to help you with you visa requirements, simply give us a call or email us with your needs. We’ll be happy to help.

Get instant help with expert representatives and get relieved with all the Visa processing worries.Simply contact Royal Holiday. Contact us at:  or  Call on +971 42 087 543

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