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Jetpack Dubai

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If you’re a hardcore fan of extreme water activities, then you should definitely try Rayna Tours’ Jet Pack adventure tour. It gives you the unique chance to fly over Dubai’s waters, with a ride in the state of the art Jetpack. Combining the profile of a racing motorbike as well as a Jet Ski with the sophisticated features of an aircraft, a Jetpack is a water-propelled device that lets you perform many exhilarating tricks on water depending on your skills.
Without any in-built power source, your Jetovator mainly gets power from a personal water craft (PWC), operated by a trained expert. It’s connected to the PWC with the help of a 40 foot hose and a thrust adapter, which, in turn, draws water as the engine starts, thus propelling you up to an incredible height of 20 feet to 30 feet. You can also dive 10 feet to 15 feet beneath the water during the ride. 
No previous know-how is required to try this water activity. It can be enjoyed by anyone above 16 years and with an ideal weight between 45 kg and 110kg. Give us a call to make a reservation or to know more about our Jet Pack adventure. 

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Why Should I go for This?
This allows you to try one of the most adventurous water activities in Dubai. As you strap in the jet pack that is connected to a high performance water craft, this is certain to make you feel like a super hero straight from a science fiction movie. It not only propels you high up to a height of 30 feet, but also allows you to dive 15 feet underneath the water surface like a dolphin. A trained expert operates the water craft, ensuring that its speed as well as all other aspects is in your favor. Fun and thrill apart, it blows you away with the most beautiful views of the Arabian coastline and attractions along it. Safety instructions plus all safety gears are included. We’re a one-stop center for all your favorite activities. Choose from a spectrum of water activities such as jet ski, Dubai Ferry, donut ride, Seabreacher in Dubai, fly fish and Dubai Parasailing. You can also spend a few hours or even a whole day on water with ideal boat rental or luxurious yacht charter packages.


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